A good deal of the biggest problems people ask is what Is the general process in the recruiters office is and what happens when you arrive. It is not that difficult to figure out on how it functions. You simply need to first see your local recruiter and they can help further help you in enlisting. There job is to interview you and provide transport. They are here to help you get recruited and prepare you for the paperwork’s required for MEPS. That is it. You will be in basic combat training in a matter of months if you pass through each procedure at the recruiters office and MEPS. On your first day, you will need to sit down and be interviewed by the Army recruiter. Then they ask you series of questions if you are a drug abuser, have felonies, had recent surgeries, had get mental aid and health difficulties. Additionally, it determines what jobs are available to you and you need to pass. If you fail, you will need to retake it .

This procedure pre-screens bad candidates before they enlist. If you pass the interview, they will then do a background check and ask you to bring in some important documents like birth certificate, high school diploma, state identification and social security card. The following day, your recruiter will schedule a day for one to take the ASVAB test or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test. This evaluation compromise of word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, two mathematics subjects and mechanics. You can find a practice book at the local library, high school library, college campus or purchase them online. You will also need to take full physical examinations and be there for an entire day. They have physicians who will ask you to perform some only exercises in groups to find out if you may be able to do basic training. For men, you should come in wearing briefs or boxers.

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At the end of the day, you may speak with army.mil.ng recruitment portal who can help you pick your Military Occupational Specialty. You can be a cook, mechanic, transport or supply. There is a diverse broad collections of military jobs but so as to get them, you need to score well on the ASVAB test. After you have sworn into the military, you will be picked up by your recruiter who will take you to his office to review your contract from MEPS and further clarify what is going to happen next. He or she informs you if your leaving for basic combat training and what benefits you will get. They are not accountable for bonuses, benefits or what date you will depart for basic instruction. Just MEPS does is appointed over that and you should see everything in writing in your contract. If your bonus is not in your contract with MEPS, then you do not have a bonus. Get in it writing rather than drop for the counselor words.